Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Not quite Australia

I hoved over to Largo, FL today  (a 75 minute drive) to hook up with Steven S. and his family.

 I met Steven when he was an undergraduate at Harvard College, at which time he attended S. James’s Church in Porter Square, Cambridge where I was the Rector.

Both Steven and I moved on.  He wound up for a while in Sydney, AU, and my plan had been to visit him there.  But he returned to his present home in Los Angeles before my trip, so we did not connect in Australia.

Steven hails from Titusville, FL  (on the Atlantic Coast).  He’s been at home with his parents and one of his brothers for the Christmas holiday.

The four of them came over to Largo today to look at the 40’ yacht which is being built for them at

See  http://www.ipy.com/  for examples of Island Yachts.

It’s a gorgeous boat.  Soon it will be taken by road from Largo to Fort Pierce FL where it will be launched.  Then Steven’s parents will sail her down to the American Virgin Islands.

So I met Steven’s Mom and Dad, and his brother Andrew, and saw the yacht.  Then we all drove to a pretty good Greek Restaurant for lunch.  We sat at separate tables so that I could get caught up with Steven (who treated me to a fine Greek Spinach Pie).

(I encountered the capabilities of an I-phone for the first time. Whilst we are at the Yacht builder’s yard we agreed to go to a nearby Greek Restaurant which Steven’s parents had patronised before.Trouble was – they could not remember its name.
So Andrew “asked” his I-phone‘ for information about nearby Greek restaurants.  Sure enough the I-phone “woman” (whose “name” I forget) came up with the information we needed.)

It was a nice reunion with Steven, and I was so happy to meet his folks.

Whilst en-route I passed by a Thrift Store at Gandy Boulevard in Pinellas Park, FL. 

I am not sure if the humour in the sign is deliberate or accidental!

Steven and jmp

Thrift Store

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