Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Children in the supermarket --- dammit who needs them?

 "She"  stood in front of me at the "15 items or fewer" check out at my local Publix Supermarket.

(Believe it or not, the Publix signs say 15 items or fewer, not 15 items or less - well done Publix).

Well, as I was saying, "she" stood in front of me at the "15 items or fewer" check out at my local Publix Supermarket.

"She" was a slender, short and very beautiful young woman. She seemed to be a bit apprehensive. I thought that her cart was overflowing.

In front of her was a restless little boy, aged maybe four.

N.B.  I said "restless" not "naughty".  After all what four year old child is not restless in a supermarket.

Another child sat facing me from the back of the shopping cart  in that place where you stow pocket books (handbags) or shopping bags.  His legs were poking through the back end of the cart. His countenance was totally serious.  I guessed his age to be about two,

"She" began to unload her cart. It was not overfilled.  It seemed that way simply because there was a third child who was sitting in a car seat,  placed at the bottom of the cart.

"She" addressed the oldest of the three children and called him Isaac,

In the meantime I was making faces at the two year old who was facing me.  Slowly but surely his faced began to move from solemnity to broad grins. "She", his Mum, turned around and lovingly used his name.  It was Zebedee (the first Zebedee I have ever met).

"She" moved the cart forward.  Zebedee reached out and grabbed a roll of "Mentoes".

With great gentleness I took the Mentoes from his hand and  said " no Zebedee, let's put them back where they belong".   He did not protest.

"She"  his Mum turned around, smiled, and said "thank you very much". 

Her few items having been  checked out, and her money given and her change received "she" moved away.

"Goodbye Isaac" I cried, and  then "Goodbye Zebedee".

Mum rewarded me with a big grin. (I have referred to her as "She" for I never learned her name.)


Please God I will encounter her (and her husband)again one day.

Children in the supermarket --- who needs them?   I do!

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