Friday, 3 December 2010

Vegetable and fruit bliss

Retirement has brought for me a rediscovery of fruits and vegetables.  I am not, and probably will never totally eschew meat (it’s hard to eschew something I love to chew!).   

But I am eating far more fruits and vegetables than ever I did whilst working.

Yesterday I took myself to Yoder’s produce market on Bahia Vista Street.

I bought:

A green cabbage, weighing almost 2lbs, for 96 cents
A head of celery for $1.29
2lbs of carrots for $1.39
1lb of parsnips for $1.79
A pound and a half of honey crisp apples for $2.24
A pound and a half of bartlett pears for $2.10
A pound and a third of beets for $1.37
A pound and three quarters of sweet onions for $2.27
Just over a pound of tomatoes for $1.51
Two large guavas for $2.21
Two small guavas for 52 cents
Two green peppers for $1.30

Total cost = $18.95.   These fruits and veggies will serve me for at least 7 days, as I eat them. 

Fruits for breakfast.
Veggies for lunch.
And some of the veggies with dinner.  

What a bargain!  With such healthy foodstuffs!

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