Thursday, 1 August 2019

From a U.S. Immigration Lawyer: It's worse than you could think or imagine

But not just Latinos

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Tales from the Labyrinth
This is the reality of our system. And yes, THIS is completely Trump.
From my colleague Mana Yegani

I had such a day yesterday. Even though I had a good night’s sleep I still feel the exhaustion and mental burnout dealing with a government that is racist and dislikes immigrants.

The government is doing everything they possibly can to make the LEGAL immigration process impossible. USCIS is the agency who issues green cards and citizenship. Washington has changed all the policies of the local immigration offices.

As attorneys we used to have access to speak with the local office by going in to speak with an officer or emailing them. All those privileges have been cut off. We used to have quarterly meetings with the local USCIS office and those have been canceled. They basically want nothing to do with immigration lawyers. And if you don’t have a lawyer, well good luck with that; you’re even more screwed.
My client is scheduled for her green Card Interview today at 9:30 but she had a medical emergency a few days ago. As soon as I found out she was in the hospital I emailed the local USCIS office notifying them to reschedule her interview for another date. The email address is pretty active and they generally respond within a few hours. Well a whole day passed and nothing... no response. So I sent another email and again no response....crickets.

So, I sent my paralegal to the local office with a copy of the two emails to see what’s going on. By this time it was less than a day before the interview and I am really concerned. My paralegal shows up to the Houston immigration office and after making her wait for over an hour, “the guy” basically says we cannot reschedule the interview.

And the email address that attorneys use is canceled as of a few days ago and USCIS no longer communicates with attorneys via email.

Okkkkk, when were you going to make this public announcement?? Oh these are guidelines from headquarters!! We are just following procedures from headquarters (aka Wash DC).
Keep in mind the USCIS Director was fired/forced to resign because he wasn’t implementing the Administration’s goals.

And now we have an Acting Director who is nothing but an immigrant hater. Just look at his resume!
I'll have to go to the USCIS office this morning to explain to them my client is in the hospital. If they clock her in as a no show her Green Card case which has been pending for two years will be denied.

This is such a horrible system. Such a bad way to deal with attorneys and people who are trying to do the right thing to legally obtain immigration status.
It’s not enough that they put people in CAGES and separate BABIES from their mothers. They want to give hell to those who are trying to do it the LEGAL way.

The burnout is real. 😟

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