Sunday, 5 July 2009

How we give directions in Florida.

Take “A” Avenue to the end, and turn left at the Walgreens onto “B” Boulevard.

Stay on “B” Boulevard for three miles, passing two CVS stores on your left, and one on your right. (You will also pass two Publix Supermarkets on your right, and one on your left.

At “C” Circus turn left (you will see a CVS on one corner, a Walgreens on the other, right next to a Publix).

Stay on “C” circus, ignoring two more Publix stores, and eighteen Walgreens until you come to “D” Drive

Bear left onto “D” drive (a CVS is on your left).

In one mile turn right at the Publix, my house is half a mile away on the right, almost opposite a Walgreens.

(PS if you happen to pass a Supermarket or Drug Store, please stop in and bring me a Gallon of 2% milk)

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