Saturday, 6 July 2019

Out with the old - they had to go!

These old sneakers/training shoes/walking shoes  -  whatever you call them - just had to go after about six months of wear and tear. (I walk a lot!)

No amount of super glue could repair the soles.

I must have a strange gait as shown by this left foot shoe.

Some may remember that I bought a snazzy replacement pair at Kohl's the other week, only to discover when I got home that they were womens shoes, with womens sizes.

Since I was in danger of wearing the soles of the old ones until they disappeared, I set out to look for replacements this morning.

Here they are in all their glory, a nice pair of Nikes!  You may think that this is no big deal, after all, we all purchase shoes from time to time.

It is a big deal when you are looking for half sizes, and wide shoes.

I need size  81/2  wide. This size is  more difficult to find than a Republican who is a member of the ACLU.

Triumph and joy -  I found just the size  I needed at the local Bealls Store, less than a mile from my home.

What's even better I snagged them for $49 - a "bargain" for this kind of footwear.

And because they are brand new I don't want to wear them because they will immediately begin to wear out. (Is that a male thing or do women also buy new clothes or footwear and then decline to wear them because they are new!?)

Who knows.  But I have dealt with my new shoes issues by pitching the old ones.

I won't, I won't, I won't take them out of the trash can so that I can wear these sad old things again.

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