Saturday, 18 March 2017

I'll shut up about Ben (my new Greyhound) in a year or two.

Racing Dog Rescue Page "Official" photo/.
This is what I wrote on the Racing Dog Rescue Project's Face Book page.

Petey (now Ben) has settled in so beautifully. You'd think that he had always lived here.

Wherever I am he wants to be! He slept at the foot of my bed last night. He is very responsive to me, and is learning commands such as "stay" - I use this so that after a walk I can be sure to enter my home before he does.

He is the talk of the neighbourhood and is greatly admired. He has been so very good with the many dogs and people he has met.

Ben's favourite activity is riding in the car. That's tough, 'cause I have a car-port not a garage, and every time we walk out and then come back home he wants to get into the car.

Ben and my cat Adelaide are ignoring each other. I suspect that they will become friends (Adelaide adored my previous rescue, a terrier/retriever blend)

I've had to cage Ben just twice, He went willingly into the crate both times, and did not rip his crate bed apart.

I crated him today and when I got home I heard him whimper as I got out of my car.

I dare to believe that his whimpering did not begin until he heard the sound of my car. My previous rescue certainly recognised that sound - and as you know, dogs have finely honed hearing.

Ben will get used to the fact that I am sometimes away, but that I WILL ALWAYS RETURN!.

Ben is eating well,

If this was not a match made in heaven it was certainly a match made in Myakka City.

(And I have discovered that Ben is a toilet bowl drinker, so now I have to leave the lid down)

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