Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Yesterday. No pi or pie. But a wonderful lunch!

Yesterday  (3/14)  was not a day for Pi  (which I scarcely understand), nor for Pie (which I rarely eat).

Instead it was a day for lunch at Sarasota's fabled Mediterraneo Restaurant on Main Street in SRQ

Mediterraneo is a fabulous (northern) Italian Restaurant  where my sister Ruth and her partner Dennis treated me to a slap up meal at the end of their visit from Bristol (U.K.) last November,

I was there on Pi/Pie Day to enjoy lunch with one of Sarasota's finest, the estimable Barbara Ford-Coates

Most Sarasota County residents know Barbara as our elected Tax Collector,    As such she runs the most efficient and "user friendly" operations you could hope to encounter.

Get this O Ye of Benighted Counties.  Thanks to Barbara Ford-Coates, it is an unalloyed pleasure 
to do business in her Tax Offices in Sarasota, FL

See this:


But our lunch yesterday had very little to do with her public role.  

We met because we know each other as worshipers at St. Boniface Church  (Episcopal) on Siesta Key, FL.  

We each had a hunch that we would like each other.  That possibly  being the case we met for lunch.

That indeed was the case; we "connected" immediately.

We chatted a  bit about our Church.

We exchanged our views.

We talked a lot abort our  family members

All this as we chowed down on good food.


Life is good.   Thank you Barbara..

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