Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dream, dream, dream ( a reference to the Everly Brothers song)

I sometimes remember my dreams.

Last night (Nov 24th 2012) my dream started near an airport.  I was awaiting a sister, but the exits were the entrances, and the entrances were the exit – so we never connected.

Never mind – my mother appeared on the scene.  She was wearing a woolen coat and a fine hat.  She was carrying an unopened bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry, with fresh red rose attached to the cork.

Mum told me that Queen Elizabeth II had died, and that she was taking the sherry to Buckingham Palace in case they had run out of wine.

I responded by telling her that the “Special Branch” (British FBI) would not allow her to enter the Palace.

Not to be deterred Mum set out. I followed.  We were in a grand Piazza. The British Army was firing Twenty One gun salutes.  A choir was singing the “Skye Boat Song”.

But the Piazza was flooded. My indomitable Mum found an un-flooded alley way.  I followed.

We came across a little cafe.  Mum pushed her way past the folks who were standing in line so that we could enter cafe before they did.

A waitress handed us a menu which offered various baguette or bagel sandwiches.

Mum insisted on having a grilled pork chop.


.....   upon waking it all came together.

1. On Thanksgiving I was talking with my English cousin about my sisters.

2. My siblings and I often referred to our stylish Mum as “The Queen Mother”.

3. Queen Elizabeth II visited our home city of Bristol, U.K. on 22nd November 2012.

4. Parts of the city were indeed flooded that day.

5. When I was in Calais (France) with Mum, our stepfather Len, my brother Martyn and his wife Wendy – and their daughter Laura back in 1994 we had dinner at a restaurant near the harbour. Mum, despite our protests, ordered two entrees, rather than a starter and an entree. Ne’er mind. She always had a good appetite.


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