Sunday, 19 February 2017

Oh such joy.

I had breakfast this morning with a couple whose wedding I attended in Lynchburg, VA  a couple of years ago,   Zehra and Noah.

Noah was a parishioner at St. James's Church in Cambridge, MA  where I  was the Rector from 2000-2006.

I first met Zehra when she and Noah both worked in Tampa FL.   At that time we got together for a splendid dinner in the Tampa district called Ybor City.

Their wedding in Lynchburg was a splendid festival of colour, music, love and prayer, blending Muslim traditions from south India, and Christian traditions from north America.

Noah and Zehra were in town for the wedding of one of their Tampa colleagues.

The three of us hogged a table at Panera Bread today, and enjoyed each other for two hours.

What a blast!

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