The rest of yesterday's tale (a black woman electrician etc)

The keyboard on my computer went a bit wonky yesterday, so I was unable to tell the whole tale.

Here it is

FIRST re  the image of a black woman as an electrician.

I did a Google Images search for "Electrician", and every darn picture was of a male.

So I had to do a second search for "Woman Electrician" and that's where the image popped up.

Isn't it true that when we think of "Electrician"  we inevitable "see" the image of a white male in blue jeans?

The image I posted was intended to make us reflect on our (unconscious) prejudices.


The Master Electrician and his apprentice refused to go home at my suggestion, when, at 7:30 ish the light was poor and the weather was atrocious.   The Electrician (Jacob) said  "I never go home until the customer's power is restored." 

I sloughed off to bed and began to sleep.   I was awakened by a tap on my bedroom door.  Jacob said  "you have full power, and we are leaving".

I asked "what is the time?".

Jacob  replied "11:30 p.m."

Oh my goodness.  The two men worked until that late hour to ensure that my home had electrical power  (and air-conditioning). That's amazing.  They had begun their work at about Noon.

Sarasota and Manatee County residents are probably familiar with the bright red vans of a Manatee County Electrical firm called "Mr. Spa..y"

This was the Company which served me so well yesterday.

And here, for your joy and delight is a pic of my new breaker box.  *Now you can sleep well!!

The "guys" will be back next week to label each breaker switch.



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