Sunday, 12 April 2015

Out with the old (2)

The carpet in my bedroom is so old, so dirty, so un-redeemable that it has to go.  It's way past being cleanable, and I am sure that it is a deep and safe haven for pet dander and dog hairs

It will go on Monday 13th, to be replaced by wood laminate  (easier to keep clean when you have animals which shed).

I've had to clear all my "stuff" from the bedroom and closet, so that the contractors can move the larger items of furniture before they rip out the carpet, and install the laminate.

Even though I de-stuffed when I moved from Cambridge, MA to Sarasota FL (2006) I still have too much clutter. Why, for instance have I been saving a baggy with various computer connectors, for a computer which I haven't owned in at least eight years?

And. oh the dust and cobwebs I found as I cleared shelves, and moved furniture!

Dirty Carpet

Even dirtier carpet

(Almost) cleared shelves

Empty desk  I bought it about thirty three years ago at J.C.Penney (some assembly required) 
Stuff on a table in the sitting room

Stuff in the guest bedroom (1)

Stuff in the guest bedroom (2)

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