Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Goosey, goosey, gander

In  the spring of 2014 a goose and a gander set up home near where I live.

The goose conceived and bore an egg.  A nest was made.

The gander, with his puffed up chest, was utterly aggressive when humans were anywhere near the nest.

Off they went, (goose, gander and fledgling)   (to Canada?) in the summer of 2014, only to return in the fall.

That old gander was still utterly protective of his spouse. and of their offspring.

The threesome left our neighbourhood  when winter began in December 2014.

Back they came about three weeks ago, the gander ever alert when humans were anywhere near his spouse and their child.

This  morning I saw mother goose and father gander circling around in the air, whilst their grown off-spring stayed on terra firma, all the while uttering plaintive honks.

The parents have now disappeared.  The child is still nearby, but she/he is all alone,  and still honking.

My guess is that Mr. Gander and Mrs. Goose have decided this: "Kid, you are now on your own. It is time for you to find a partner, to breed, and to continue the heritage of Canada Geese.  But we cannot help you any more". 

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