Clerical Capers and Connections

Last Sunday, immediately after the 9:00 a.m. liturgy at St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, Sarasota, I had breakfast at the Oasis Café on South Osprey St, Sarasota.  The Oasis is the place to go for breakfast or lunch, all made from scratch.

I was there with the Revd. Barbara King, (she serves an Episcopal Church in Simsbury, CT), with her spouse, the Revd. Paul Briggs (who serves a parish in Manchester, CT), with their son Caleb, and with Barbara's mother Katharine  (who has homes in West Falmouth, MA Cape Cod) and on Siesta Key.

Barbara King, Paul Briggs and I have known each other for many years, dating back to when we each served in the Episcopal Churches "Diocese of Western Massachusetts".

I first met Caleb when he was a babe in arms, now he is wonderfully self assured lad aged about eleven or twelve.

'Twas a lovely visit.  Connections are important.


Sunday afternoon saw me at the home of Marilyn Hill and her husband, the Revd. Jonathan Percival for "English style" afternoon tea.

Jonathan is one of the retired clerics who hangs his hat at St. Boniface Church. Marilyn and he had invited other retirees and spouses for a lovely gathering.

Wes was there with Cindy; David with Nancy;  Denise with Fred;   Ernie;  Michael T;  Bob with Maria; and me. (Andi T, though not retired, also joined us -  we  all love and respect her).

The food for afternoon tea was splendid.  The conversations were delightful.  Marilyn and Jonathan were god hosts.

As I was leaving I said to Marilyn  "this was wonderful  -  such a great opportunity to relax and to enjoy the company  of dear colleagues".

Thank you Jonathan and Marilyn. Connections are important.


This morning (Tuesday 14th April)  I drove some ninety miles south of SRQ to an area called Estero.

There I had lunch with my dearly beloved (The Revd,) Gwen W Sears. 

Gwen and I have known each other since 1975.  From 1984 - 2000  she and I served together  when I was the Rector at St. Stephen's Parish, Pittsfield MA  and she was the Deacon.

She is a Deacon par Excellence, and a woman of God beyond reproach.

Gwen is in Estero to visit with her son Charlie, her grandsons, and her great grandchildren.

She and I had lunch today at the "Olive Garden", (food mediocre, but companionship sans pareil ).

What a blessing to be with this utterly fabulous sister in Christ (who is also highly regarded by my family members from England who have met her: my sisters Maureen and Elizabeth, and my brother Martyn).

Connections are important.

Gwen after lunch today.


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