Sunday, 27 September 2015

They are here

They are here:  "they" being my niece Beth and her b/f Jordan, who are visiting from Bristol, U.K..

After three busy and action filled days at "Disney" they drove from Orlando to Sarasota, arriving at my home at about 1:20 p.m.

The first order of business was a "cuppa" (tea).

I asked if they were hungry.  Indeed they were, having not eaten breakfast at their Hotel in Orlando.

I know the way to the English heart, so I made some bacon sandwiches. I became an instant hero.

Beth and Jordan had decided that today was for "chilling".

So we took a couple of walks with my dog; went to the local 7/11; and had a long Skype video chat with my sister Ruth (Beth's mother) in the U.K.

I made supper/dinner at 6:30 p.m:  - some very tender sirloin steaks (cooked in butter), with french fries, baked beans,  and corn;   and cantaloupe for dessert.

Jordan and Beth fell into instant love with my cats, Ada and Adelaide. The feeling was mutual.

These cats received more affection in six hours than they usually get in six months.

After a wee while my dog Penne decided that Beth and Jordan are more than O.K,, and they decided that Penne is "the tops".

I wish that you could have been with us as we ate supper/dinner.

We chomped away at good food.

Adelaide, Ada,  and Penne laid themselves down on the floor around the table, then they snoozed, and chillaxed as we ate our meal.

They never do this when I eat alone.

Beth and Jordan are my honoured guests,  But they are sleeping two doors away at the home of my good neighbour Ed Green.    He is in North Carolina.

Thanks to his hospitality Jordan and Beth can go to bed at night, and arise in the morning at the times which best suit them, without having to work around my own sleeping  hours.

"They are here"  and I am utterly happy.  (My pets are ecstatic!).

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