Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Great Young People

My niece Beth and her b/f Jordan are super guests.

Yesterday (Monday 28th) in the early afternoon they spent a couple of hours rejoicing in the beauty of the Beach at Siesta Key, and the warmth of the Gulf waters before they were driven home by rain.

Later that afternoon they walk with Penne and with me, through a light and warm rain to visit with my pal Ben for his cocktail hour.

There they were, two hip young people from England, having a drink or two with five aging homosexual men.  They  (the aging men and Beth and Jordan) had a ball.

My friend John introduced Beth to a mixed drink called a "Cosmopolitan" -  and she was almost instantly hooked.  So dear and kind John made up a Ball Jar full of Cosmopolitan  as his gift to them -  I retrieved it from his home this morning.

Back at home yesterday evening, I cooked them grilled salmon, with spaghetti in carbonara sauce (they hardly "do" vegetables"!).  They think that I am a decent cook.

After dinner, and despite the rain, I bundled them into my car, then drove them to see a bit of downtown Sarasota.  We crossed the Ringling Bridge and stopped at the Bird Key Park to enjoy the night-time view of SRQ, and a thunderstorm off to our east.    Then we went through the bright lights of St. Armands Circle, and from thence to South Lido Beach for a brief visit  -all in the rain.

Beth and Jordan, being of good British stock, were not at all bothered by the rain,  nor was Penne who "loves" to ride in the car, and to explore new places.

I was up and at it early this morning for a study group with other Priests.  These  young people  (who are sleeping in a friend's house - two doors away), slept late.  I left them my regrets that I could not cook the ham omelettes for breakfast (as I had promised to do), and if they would content themselves with a bit of toast to tide them over, I would take them to Alma's Kouzine for lunch.


Who were they to refuse!  They tucked in  (both have hearty appetites), and agreed with me that Alma's Chips (French Fries are the best).

As I write, (Tuesday  5:45 p,m.) Jordan and Beth are up at the Ellenton Outlet Stores for some "retail therapy".  I told them that if they are very good I will grill some streaks for dinner.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) they will take the Mote Marine Laboratory Eco-boat tour in Sarasota Bay, after which they'll probably chill on South Lido Beach (sans rain).

On Thursday evening they will do some horseback trail-riding down at Myakka State Forest. (Beth owns a horse and is a good rider).

Meanwhile -  they are creating two monster cats.

Ada and Adelaide are crazy about Beth and Jordan, and the feeling is mutual.  The cats have received more affection in forty-eight hours than I offer them in forty-eight days.

Those "damn cats" will make monstrous demands for my attention when their English Aunt and Uncle go back home.

And Penne; ever loving an faithful Penne greeted them with not so much a a bark, but with a wagging tail and smiling face when they de-camped to my place this morning, even though I was out of the house.

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