Sunday, 17 January 2016

Bacterial infection/Tornado/Cat comestibles.

Bacterial infection/Tornado/Cat comestibles.


1. Bacterial infection

I received a voice mail this afternoon from Dr. Novak (a colleague of my Primary Care Physician Dr. Kristen Paulus).

He was reporting the results of the stool samples I submitted on Friday.  (Yes, a Physician called me on a Sunday!).

It transpires that my recent diarrhea was occasioned by a bacterial infection in my stomach/guts.

Dr. Novak has called in a prescription for an anti-biotic to my local pharmacy. I'll retrieve the scrip tomorrow, just as soon as the pharmacy opens for business.

1.  I am glad that I saw my PCP on Thursday, (rather than sloughing off my symptoms), , and that she suggested an analysis of my stools.

2.  I am amazed that the results of the analysis would be revealed to me on a Sunday.

3.  I am more than grateful that I have excellent health care insurance in my retirement years.  This is an enormous privilege.


2. So the tornadoes came and went.

It was a big storm last night, utterly unusual in S.W. Florida at this time of the year,

I slept through it all, not even hearing the "advisories"  on my weather alert radio.

Tornadoes can be deadly,  In this case there was some property damage in SRQ, mostly in the Siesta Key area, but sadly enough the tornado struck a mobile home in Douet  (some 30 miles north east of my home)  resulting in the deaths of a middle aged couple,


3.  Spuds and a cat.

On Saturday last my friend Betty gave me some spuds -  in this case they were fancy small potatoes -  red, purple, black and white.

Today I boiled them - six in all -  using three for lunch, and reserving three for tomorrow.

I left the reserved potatoes for tomorrow,  leaving them in  small bowl on a counter top.

Later in the day I observed that only two small potatoes were in this bowl,  I also saw a wee bit of a mess on my kitchen floor,

The "mess" was the remnant of one of the spuds

What had happened became clear,  Senior cat Ada had filched and eaten it.

Has anyone else had the experience of a cat who steals and eats a cooked 'tater?

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