Monday, 18 January 2016

Back in Memory Land (1952?) Bristol, U.K.

The  picture (below) was posted on the Facebook Page "Bristol Then and Now"

It displays Brenner Street in the Easton/Eastville area of Bristol, U.K. (my home City).

The "then" picture caught my attention. That's how I remember Brenner Street which is just around the corner from where my beloved Nanny Povey (my Dad's Mum)  lived. The houses at the end of the picture are on Foster Street.  Turn left there, and Nanny's home was at the next intersection, (with Robertson Road).,

I could also walk from Nanny's home via Chester Street and Wood Street to Brenner Street.

It was on Brenner Street (possibly on the shop front on the right) that I first saw a sign for "Coca-Cola".  Was I eight years old then, or ten?  - I cannot remember.

I suspect that sales of Coke had been unheard in the U.K.of during WWII.  It would have been at the bottom of the bottom of the list of necessary imports.

Thus, when first I saw that advertising sign for Coca-Cola, I had no idea what it meant.  I had no context for those two words!  They or I might have been from Mars given my lack of comprehension.

My parents, out of wisdom or for lack of money, never had much tolerance for carbonated and sweetened beverages  Thus I never developed a taste for such.

I cannot remember when I last had a "Coke", and if I could it would probably have been a "Pepsi",

Bristol Then And Now

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