Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Poor Penne, and my inattention.

My dog Penne  (the best dog in the world!) has been scratching and itching since mid-November.

That's not unusual for canines in Florida.

During the following weeks I gave her some good baths, and rubbed in an anti-itch medicine: all to no avail.

Last Friday I did what I should have done in November, and took her to the Veterinarian.

It turns out that this sweet girl had an ear infection which developed into a fungus which covered most of her skin.

The Veterinarian prescribed four different medications.  Each has a different dosage and frequency so I've made a chart to make sure that I got it right, **  

Penne began to get better within twelve hours of her first meds.  The scratching ceased.

She is sweet enough to turn her head to one side when I administer ear drops.

She gobbles down the  pill and the two capsules in those peanut butter or chicken  flavoured "pill pockets".

Her energy has returned.

She is hungrier  than ever, She has "a way" of letting me know that she needs more than her usual daily rations.

DARN IT ALL, I wish that I had taken her to the Vet. sooner rather than later.But she is very forgiving.

P.S. **

Can you begin to imagine why "managing meds" is often all too difficult for humans with cognitive problems.

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