Monday, 6 May 2019

My tear ducts fill easily

At Arlington Park today.

Zion and I encountered L. (aged about two) as he was taking a tour of the park in his baby buggie,

As Z. and I grew near to L. and his Mom the wee lad cried out "Doggie, doggie".

Then the boy and the dog had a love fest!

Of course this brought tears to my eyes.

When I said goodbye, young L. cried out "Thank You".

What a charmer!


That's not all.  As we'd entered the Park we'd met a Sarasota Police Officer ** who had been on foot patrol in the Park.  She too had had a love fest with Zion.

He truly is a "dog for all seasons".  It makes me so happy that my beloved Z. brings pleasure to so many people.

** Arlington Park is generally  a safe place, but rumour has it that a sad, bad,  and pathetic man exposes his private parts there.  So the foot patrols by the Sarasota P.D.  will deter this horrid and perverted behaviour  and help to make the Park safe for all people.

  Thank you Sarasota Police Dept.

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