Friday, 10 May 2019

He Was Totally "Wasted"

Arlington Park Sarasota,  9th May 2019, 4:15 p.m.

He was totally wasted.  "He" being a fifty something man, shirtless, black pants (trousers), cast on his right arm -  prostrate on the ground near the water fountain.

He was on his mobile 'phone, blabbering incoherently, unable to rise to his feet.

As Zion and I walked by I asked if I should call an ambulance. "They're on their way" he mumbled.

I walked on, then turned back.  It was clear that the emergency services were not on the way, so I called 911.

I lost the call but the dispatcher called me back within a minute.  I gave her the details.

Within four minutes a County fire truck, a County ambulance, and three City police vehicles arrived -  (three Police vehicles? - well they never know what they could encounter - back-up is important).

These men (and they were all males) treated the wasted man with grace and respect.  They got him to his feet, walked him to the ambulance, and took him presumably to the drunk tank, or to the hospital.

Utterly impressive!  Even a poor sad drunk was afforded dignity.


Before I could "tut tut"with all manner of class prejudice about a totally wasted drunk in the Park, I remembered a middle class, well educated friend who got so wasted at a dinner party that his partner and I had to walk him home, one of us on each arm.


Kudos and thanks for our Public servants in the City of Sarasota,  and in Sarasota County.

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