Sunday, 15 April 2018

Much rain in Sarasota today.

We had a good, long and healthy rainstorm in SRQ today.

We needed the rain.  

Nevertheless it was all my fault.  

I washed my car this morning.  That almost never fails to summon forth a rainstorm.

Luckily Mr. Z and I had three good walks before the deluge.

But just as we thought that the storm had passed we took a few short pee walks, only to be soaked as the rain came back to tease us.

Ne'er mind.  Zion loves to be toweled down.  I bet that's true for your dog too!

For his urinary comfort I took Z for one last walk under cover at our local plaza.  He did his thing.

Then we encountered a young woman who works at the local man/ped studio.   She fell in love with Zion and decided that he should be a film star.

Her brother (waiting to drive her home?) took this photo'.

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