Not Gourmet. Unhealthy. Delicious. Comfort food.

Start with yer Mac 'n Cheese.

Made from scratch is the best.

If that is not possible/feasible

 (1)  Never use the awful boxed stuff
  (2) Supermarket frozen is o.k.

 (3)  I, to my eternal shame, buy the ready made stuff from the supermarket cooler section.  It's not wonderful, but with a bit of added blue cheese it is just about palatable, and perfect in size for those of us who live alone.

SO  as yer mac 'n cheese is cooking or being heated, stir in some salsa of the flavour and hotness you prefer,

As the mac 'n cheese is bubbling away fry some American bacon  ("streaky" in the U.K) until it is crisp and crunchy.

Cut it into 2" strips and  add it to the mac 'n cheese.

Oh my!  Not Gourmet.  Unhealthy.  Delicious.  Comfort food. Do not tell my or your cardiologist  that you cook and eat this.

Instead, add one cooked pea to make it healthy!



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