Friday, 27 August 2010


My sweet junior cat “Adelaide” has been leaking drops of urine all over the place during the past few days. 

Of course I had to create three isolation areas, one for Adelaide, one for Ada (the senior cat), and one for Penne my dog, before I could identify which of the three was the leaker.

Without a doubt it is Adelaide.  I hauled her off to the veterinarian, who identified a weakness in the wall of Adelaide’s bladder.

Such weaknesses are more common in canines than in felines, but nonetheless my lovely Adelaide is suffering from this condition.  

She will stay at the veterinary clinic for the weekend where she will receive a drug which may or may not ameliorate her condition.   Then I will face a Hobson’s choice.

(1)    If the drug is not efficacious then I might have to decide to have her “put down/destroyed/euthanized/put to sleep” - (whichever word works best for you).

(2)    If the drug does work I’ll have to administer it to Adelaide every single day from now on. I’ll do that gladly “if” (and it’s an awful “if”) I can afford it.  “If not?”, then I will be back to choice # 1.

Right now I am feeling a bit sad.  I could never have forecasted that I would have these feelings about a cat. Meanwhile my dog Penne and Ada, the other cat, are snuggled up together - a rare sight.  Maybe they are cannier than I.

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