Thursday, 11 January 2018

Protesting/ complaining brought good results.


This is my T.V.  (You may have seen one like this in an antique's store)

It's more than I need 'cause I rarely watch T.V.  (The last time was in September 2017 when Hurricane Irma was in my neck of the woods, though I did see some wondrous BBC programmes when I stayed with family members in England last year.)

It  stands all lonely in my sitting room and it can stay there, since my basic Comcast  T.V. service fee is included in my monthly Condominium Association assessment. ( have no choice in that matter even though I am not a  T.V. viewer)



But I need/want/ desire Comcast WiFi  internet service for my internet use (mostly e-mail, Face book, and my blog, never  for streaming movies and the like.

In 2016 Comcast charged me $66.65 per month for this Wi-Fi service

In 2017 the charge went up to $75.65.

In 2018 to $81.72.

Of these charges $ 11 per month was  the outrageous Comcast rental fee for the Modem



So I took my complaint/protest to the local Comcast store.

Their staff member offered me a deal.

For  at least one year  my monthly fee  will be reduced to $ 33, and  even less when I have bought and  installed my own modem.   It's on its way from Amazon at the princely cost of just over  $37. (better than $ 11 per month).


Comcast assures me that my 2019 charge will  no more than $ 59:00  per month. w

We will see

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