Sunday, 7 January 2018

Random stuff!

I never cared for cocoa until this cold snap.  (By the way, what is the difference between cocoa and hot chocolate? )


My new French Press Coffee maker came with a four minute "egg timer" for brewing time.  Wonderfully low tech.


Adelaide says, now that Izzy is no longer in our home. "Free at last, free at last.  Thank John Michael I'm free at last!"

This is Zion, a two year old spaniel/mutt/Heinz 57;  and a bundle of affection.  

The canine behaviour specialist at  the Humane Society of Sarasota County and I took him up to the cat area.He moseyed around without any particular interest in the (caged)  cats, even with a kitten who let out a squawk and did a back flip when Zion wandered over to its cage.  That's a good sign that he will be cat friendly. HSSC has placed a hold on him and I'll be free to adopt him in two weeks or so .

I am keeping my fingers crossed!. I need a dog in my life!  

My family members are bemused (and delighted) because I never was a great dog lover. That all changed when I fell in love with Misty, a wonderful Greyhound who loved with my brother and his wife in the U.K.  (I meant "loved"!), and then when the ever gorgeous Penne who loved with me for nine years.

Zion will come to my home when  when he has recovered from his neutering surgery, and is free of heart-worm.


I have prepared his apartment!

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  1. He looks like a sweetheart, Michael. Both of you are lucky. Your cat will adjust.