Saturday, 13 January 2018

l'état, c'est moi (and some mini rants)

Louis XIV of France probably did not say that even though it is always attributed to him.

Courtesy Manny F

This is not Louis XIV, nor is it Napoleon Bonaparte.  But to President Trump, alongside many Chief Executives in very many Nations (and the members of the  current U.S. House and Senate), Lincoln's wisdom and words seem to be forgotten.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. Abraham Lincoln (Gettysburg Address).


Now for the rants!

(a) I have no patience with various  journalists (and some of my friends) who speculate about President Trump's mental health.

They do not have the professional expertise to make such a judgment. There may be a "feel good" aspect to these speculations but a definitive diagnosis of mental illness can only be made by a medical professional.

What I can say based on his tweets and questionable public statements is that the President seems to be singularly lacking in impulse control.


(b) I have no patience  with the practice  of Publix Supermarkets which forces their check out staff to ask  "would you like to make a donation to this that or the other charity?".

FIRSTLY .  The amounts raised are never reported back to we the shoppers.

SECONDLY  It's dreadful to think that some shoppers nod and say yes simply because they are too shy or embarrassed to say no.

THIRDLY . Impulse giving is no substitute for carefully planned fiscal stewardship.


(c) I have no patience  with nor will I add my name to  the various on line petitions which my good hearted and well meaning friends ask me to sign.

Sometimes I have no reliable information about the originators of the petitions (could they be phishing expeditions?) .  Even when the authors are known to me, and I believe them to be reputable, I have never/ever heard back about the success or failure of the petitioner's goals.


(d)  I sometimes have no patience with my cat Adelaide

I seem to be living in a home where govermment is of the Povey, by the cat , for the cat.



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