Thursday, 30 March 2017

Couch Potato? PSHAW!

Of course you know that I adopted Ben, a fabulous Greyhound, on March 17th.

What you do not know is that every third person Ben and I encounter on our walks is an utterly reliable expert on Greyhounds and their behaviours.  😖

They parade their unquestionable expertise by saying  "Of course, Greyhounds are such couch potatoes".

To be fair, they are correct about the couch bit - see this

Of course I love my spuds whether fried, baked, or mashed,  I have nothing against spuds.

But I refuse to think of my elegant, grateful, regal and dignified adoptee Ben as nothing more than a couch potato,

He has class.  He should never be called a common tater,

Ben is my .....

........ Couch Creme Brulle!

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