Sunday, 13 November 2016

Parting has such sweet sorrow.

Sunday 13th November -  the last full day for my sister Ruth and her partner Dennis, at the end of the two fabulous weeks they have spent with me at the end of their visit from Bristol UK.

We enjoyed a reunion of sorts by  getting together for brunch at the Peridia Golf Club in Bradenton.

It was another "over the top" meal.

"We" were Ruth, Dennis, and me,

our first cousin Janet (also visiting this this neck of the woods from Bristol), 

her Aunt "Kippy" (Catherine), visiting from Staten Island, (Kippy, Ruth and I are cousins by marriage), 

and my dear SRQ friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson .

It was a wonderful way to celebrate Dennis and Ruth's visit.

The whole group sans moi.  L-R Ruth, Dennis, Kippy. Ron, Janet, Charlotte

Same as above, but I am in this group  which is sans Kippy. 

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