Friday, 18 November 2016

Back in 1946 an old family photo'

My first cousin Janet is making her annual visit to Longboat Key from Bristol U.K.   We had a super lunch at the Dry Dock yesterday, together with Janet's Canadian/ American first cousin by birth "Kippy" (Catherine) Altini from Staten Island.  Kippy is my first cousin by marriage.

Of course although I had my 'phone with me, I forgot to take a photo' at lunch.  Save to say that I had my favourite Dry Dock Lunch - Grouper Tacos.  Utterly delicious, though the "sides" of black beans and rice were a bit skimpy.

I broke the habit of a life time, and had dessert -  Creme Brulee (almost to die for).

Thanks Janet for a wonderful treat.


Janet brought with her a family photo', dating to about 1946.

In the middle is her mother  (still alive, aged 91) -  she is my dear  Auntie Irene.

Flanking Irene are my sister Jean (l) and my sister Maureen (r)

I am in the front right  (looking worried - as I have been for most of my life).

On the front left is my twin sister Elizabeth.

The original has Jean and  Liz on the right, and Maureen and I on the left. That got reversed when I scanned the 'photo. 

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