Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pizza "What"? 'Phone "Why"?

Pizza   what did he say?

I was watching an apparently pretentious young man (a foodie?) as he held forth on T.V.  about Pizza. He advocated cutting off the pizza crust and folding it into a slice of pizza (sandwich style) in order to create more texture.

He said  "This will enhance your pizza eating process".

I thought that I simply ate pizza. I did not know that I should have a pizza eating process. I have so much to learn.

'Phone why do I feel cheated?

I make and receive very few calls on my mobile 'phone, so a prepaid "card" 'phone suits me very well.

I have an AT&T "Go 'Phone".  The minimum amount for a prepaid card is $15 - enough in my case for two month's worth of calls.

I got a bit annoyed with AT&T this week when, whenever I tried to make a call,  a recorded voice told me that my minutes were about to expire.  "Surely not" I thought, "for the 'phone indicates that I have more than seven minutes to go".

The 'phone cut off yesterday.  'Twas then I realized that my prepaid minutes were also time bound, i.e. that I have to use them all in one month, or lose what ever minutes remain.

"What a rip-off, a bit of slick practice in our so-called "free market".  My annoyance is compounded because AT&T used to market $10 cards available in local drug stores etc.  But now the least expensive card is for $15.

I venture to say that most of us believe than any and all of the mobile phone carriers (contract or pre-paid) are rogues and rascals.

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