Sunday, 9 December 2012

Advance Australia Fair

So, this is a National Anthem which never caught on.

Ne’er mind about the Anthem, it’s incidental.

But do mind about Australia.

It’s a fabulous Country/Nation/Continent.

I was there a year ago.

On Dec 10th 2011 I was visiting my friends Andrew and Felicity McGowan in Melbourne. On that day I took a Ferry from Melbourne down to Williamstown.

I could not resist that trip since I know of only two places called “Williamstown”:   - this  one in the Australian State of Victoria, the other one in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

More important than the two places called Williamstown is that I utterly enjoyed being in Australia.

I visited the (under-rated) and gorgeous City of Adelaide.

My days in Melbourne were delightful (it’s a fabulous City).

And (of course) I spent some time in the “tourist trap” City of Sydney.

A year later I am drenched in Australian memories. I would love to return there.

Should you decide to visit Australia I am sure that you would love to visit the “Great Barrier Reef”. etc

All well and good: if that is “your thing “.

But if you are in Australia do not neglect to  visit  Adelaide and Melbourne.

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