Thursday, 13 December 2012

Good neighbours: cats, a dog, and travel.

I am taking a wee trip away from Friday 14th December 2012 until Monday 17th December 2012. (More about this tomorrow)

I planned the trip three weeks ago.  But I neglected to pay attention to a few details.

1. I forgot to suspend my newspaper delivery.

2. I forgot to suspend mail delivery.

3. I did not make arrangements for cat care.

Oh my!

Fear not. After 6 ½ years living at Glen Oaks Ridge, SRQ I have discovered the blessing of having good neighbours.

SO....  at very short notice and after a couple of conversations

1. My neighbour  Barbara will retrieve my newspaper from my driveway on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.

Barbara does not subscribe to our local paper so I have told her to enjoy it for three days.

2. Another neighbour Kathy will stop by my home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings to make a fuss of the cats, to refresh their water bowls, and to give them their evening treats.  Kathy will also retrieve my mail.


But what about my darling dog Penne?

Of course she was at the top of my list, and I had not forgotten her care.

So she is with my fabulous friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson who will love and care for her until Monday afternoon.

They adore Penne (who wouldn't).

I drove Penne to Ron and Charlotte’s home this afternoon. We stopped at a traffic light some 100 yards from where they live. At that moment Penne began to “sing” – she loves visiting with Ron and Char.

They welcomed her with great enthusiasm, and I snuck out of their home before she realised that she was at “doggy camp” for a few days.

She will be fine.

 Now back at home I miss her already. I keep thinking  that she will come bounding towards me.

So do my cats. They were utterly discombobulated when I returned to my home this afternoon ‘”sans Penne”

But my cats will be safe,  and my dog will be loved and cared for by Ron and Char.

AND I will be blessed as I visit a dear friend in Phoenix,AZ

More  tomorrow.

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