Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Local and low maintenance shopping.

Yesterday (Dec 10th 2012) I went to the locally owned pet food etc store (Holistic for Pets in Sarasota) to buy some bags of dried food for Penne my dog and for Adelaide and Ada my cats.

I choose to use locally owned stores in the hope that some of my dollars are retained in my community.

At the checkout I paid for the food, and for some “poop bags”.

The clerk/assistant rang up my purchases and then said “thank you for being so low maintenance”.

I was not sure what she meant, so I asked “what do you mean?”

“Oh” she replied, “so many of our customers are very high maintenance" (which being interpreted means “hard to please”).

To be truthful I am not always a low maintenance person.  I am often very hard to please.

But I have a great respect for those who work in retail stores.

They are very often underpaid and undervalued.

So I do my best to be kind and gracious to retail clerks/ assistants.

I encourage my readers to “shop locally” whenever possible and to be utterly respectful of the women and men who work in retails stores.

Thank goodness that I was able to be “low maintenance” as a customer at “Holistic for Pets” here in SRQ.

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