Friday, 27 June 2014


The outside temperature reached 101f  (38c) at my home in SRQ today  - the highest since I moved here in 2006.

Fortunately we had one of our traditional late afternoon  thunderstorms at 5:00 p.m.  We had good (and much needed) rain and the outside temperature plummeted to 78f (25c) in the space of two hours.

Despite the daytime heat it was not too humid, so Penne and I were able to take some good walks.


When I got home from Europe my good dog sitters (Ron and Char) told me that they had added a scrambled egg to Penne's food so that they could bury a pill she had to take.

I have continued to add a scrambled egg to Penne's food (she runs into the kitchen just as soon as she hears me crack the egg -  so I think that she likes it.

BUT GET THIS  I had forgotten the difference between omelets and scrambled eggs,  so I had to do a "Google" search to find a recipe for scrambled eggs.  Tut, tut Mr. Povey!


The neighbouring community of Glen Oaks Manor has in recent years employed a splendid handyman whose name is Aldo.   He is a great guy.

Aldo has now left that job. I encountered him the other afternoon as he was doing the rounds with his successor Bob.  I know Aldo well (he has done handyman stuff at my home), but I damn well could not remember his name! 

I covered my absent mindedness by asking him a question about his wife Enid,  (my brother Martyn and some of me friends will remember that she baked a terrific carrot cake for a party I had in my home three years ago). [Enid is from Puerto Rico, so her name is pronounced "Eh-need".]

The next day I was at our local Publix Supermarket when I again encountered Aldo.  Dammit all, once again I could not remember his name!.   He was buying cake, so this time I covered my traces by asking if Enid was still in the cake baking business!

Aldo must think that it is strange that I never greet him by name, and that I always ask about his wife!

Incidentally, Aldo is from Argentina.  We have our own private geo-political joke.  I always refer to the Malvinas.  He always refers to the Falklands.


I took myself to Trader Joe's this morning.  When I got there I noticed volumes of steam emerging from under the hood of my Hyundai.

A passer by in the parking lot said "you have a problem here".  I was amazed at his perspicacity!

I drove home very carefully. Once the engine had cooled I added coolant to the radiator.  That being done I drive to my local K-Mart (less than a mile away) to get another half-gallon of coolant "just in case".

By the time I got home the radiator was bubbling and boiling.

Once again I waited for the engine to cool.  Then I added the additional half gallon of coolant, and then another half gallon of distilled water until the radiator was filled.

I have not dared to drive my car since then.

The good news is that there are no fluids pouring out of the car -  in other words I most likely do not have a leak.

My hopeful self wants to believe that the problem was no more or no less than a grave shortage of fluids in the radiator.  (Please, please, pretty please let this be true).

My cautious self will use the car tomorrow for a short ride to a pet food store, and to a supermarket.

My gloomy self thinks that I have major problems with the car which will take mucho-bucks to rectify.



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