Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Photo's from my Pittsfield MA days

Beverly Blaisdell a dear parishioner and friend at St. Stephen's Parish in Pittsfield, MA died on 2nd February 2016.

About six months before she died Bev collated her photo's.  She set some aside in an envelope with my name on it.  Her son George gave them to me last Friday.

What a delight it is to see them.  I thank God for Bev and for her thoughtfulness.

Christmas 1985. a skinny and very red-headed jmp

Undated.  L- R  Gloria Koch, Beverly Blaisdell, jmp, Al Koch. (The Koch's were beloved parishioners in Pittsfield, and great friend of George and Beverly Blaisdell. 
1986 My step-father Len and my mother Evelyn on their "second honeymoon"

Getting ready for the Eucharist of Blessing for Mum and Len's marriage. PITTSFIELDERS will recognize the Revd Gwen W Sears behind the lectern, and I do believe that the remarkable Ethelynd Hapgood is the woman standing next to the piano

Crawling around with my niece Leah (visiting from England) 1st January 1987

Undated.  Most likely the Blaisdells  had me at their home to celebrate my birthday

George Blaisdell and Al Koch "helping" to set the table.
jmp, my niece Leah, George Blaisdell, my sister Ruth - 1st January 1987

1986.  My Mum and my Step-Dad Len were married in Bristol, U.K/  Here they are in Pittsfield, MA. all ready for a Eucharist of Thanksgiving which we celebrated for all their American friends.

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