Sunday, 1 January 2017

To make you groan, or giggle, or both

From The Independent Newspaper  (London U.K.)

Thanks to Moose Allain for this:
"‏Some people like it when an object has displaced just enough water to equal its own original weight. Ah well, whatever floats your boat."
To Glenny Rodge ‏for this:
COMPUTER: "Enter password."
ME: [types "14days"] 
COMPUTER: "Your password is two week." 
ME: "Uh?" 
COMPUTER: "Computer do joke. Computer funny."
And to Namey McNamename ‏ for this:
"Today seems like a good day to bury bad news. It was a stupid name for a hamster anyway and he died over three weeks ago."
Tom Freeman ‏was unimpressed by George Osborne's proposal that students should study maths up to the age of 18:
"We already have to study maths up to age 16, and that's quite enough. There's no reason to add an extra three years." 
Moose Allain ‏again:
"I've just bought my friends a new boiler and complete central heating system, as a house warming present."
And again:
"Greg! Greg! Greg! Ian! Greg! Ian! Ian! Greg! Greg! Ian! Ian! Greg! Greg! Ian! Ian! Ian!"
Gregorian chant.
And finally, also from the mighty Moose: 
"Quick reminder: April Fool’s Day has been moved to 2 April because of the leap year."

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