Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Sex and George Bush

The Press, T.V. Stations and Internet have been crowded this day with the dreadful story of New York Governor Elliot Spitzer’s various trysts with high cost prostitutes. Some sources indicate that he may have spent $80,000 for such tawdry encounters.

I’ve felt a wee bit betrayed as Gov. Spitzer has been one of my minor heroes as a crusading Attorney General in New York, and as a reforming Governor in that Empire State.

I hope that he will resign. He has betrayed the trust of his family; of the residents of New York State, and of those of us who hope for a deep reformation of American politics.

( I was also one of the minority of Liberals who thought that Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky affair. My thoughts were rooted not in squeamishness about sex, but in my sense that Pres. Clinton had betrayed the American people by this abuse of power).

And the media are baying for Spitzer’s resignation. It may be forced upon him.

Sex is the sin that sells, and that is unforgivable in Puritan America.

But I also believe that Pres. Bush is guilty of far worse “sins”. He cares not one whit for our Constitution, and has undermined it at every turn. Congress, by inaction, laziness or cowardice has allowed him powers of virtual dictatorship: powers which will not easily be surrendered by McLain, Obama or Clinton.

Pres. Bush has led us into a war which we cannot afford; a war which is based on lies and governmental disinformation.

Quite apart from the economic cost (we are in deep doo-doo fellow Americans), there is a human cost.

4291 “coalition” deaths (including 175 British and 3893 U.S. soldiers, marines and airmen.

And, according to conservative estimates about 600.00 Iraqi deaths. (Not all as a result of direct “coalition” actions). But most of these are as a result of our destabilising of Iraq).

Who will call for the impeachment or resignation of Pres. Bush? Does he have to have a sex scandal in order to be removed from office?.

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