Sunday, 16 March 2008

Today, and a hiatus.

So I didn’t go to Church today after all. The reason is that I have a torn muscle in my back - and walking is difficult. This too shall pass.

But that’s not the whole truth. To be honest, I didn’t see the point of attending any Church, only to get mad at the Liturgy. I want Palm Sunday to be more radical than the Episcopal Church offers (see Prayer below).

But I am too much of an Episcopal Snob to attend one of the few “radical Protestant” Churches in the area.

So I have bummed around all day. I made a few ‘phone calls to dear friends; stopped by to see Ben; and rested my aching back.

The “Fisher Crows” have been lakeside all day. I suspect that they are waiting for one of the tiny Muscovy Ducklings to fall by way side. Boy are these Crows noisy and aggressive

But they’ve had some diversion from the Ducklings. Across the lake is a Kumquat tree with its fruit just ripening. From time to time today the Crows have raided this tree.

And then they dealt with a stranger (also after the Ducklings). It was a juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk. He/she sat on the bare branches of the Honk Kong Orchid tree, just outside my window.

But not for long. He/she was subject at massive aerial bombardment from the Crows. In they dived, 20 or more; weaving, bobbing and harassing the Hawk from every angle. She/he eventually fled. The thugs (Crows) rule.

This is Holy Week, and I’ll take a break from blogging until after Easter Day. On Maundy Thursday I’ll be flying up to Boston to spend the weekend with my pal Joe S afore he returns to the U.K. and London.

Check this blog next on March 24 or 25.

The Palm Sunday Prayer.

Here is prayer by Unitarian Universalist minister Roger Cowan written in the early 1990s

And so we come on our donkeys,
Some from Detroit and some from Tokyo and even a few from Seoul.
With horns blaring and brakes screeching,
We enter the city, the holy of holies.
We know what Caesar wants:
Testing ranges and new arenas while the homeless haunt church basements
and the poor shuffle in the streets.
But we march to a different drummer.
Not many rich, not many mighty.
A vagabond crew in a strange land,
Whose ways are not our ways
Nor thoughts our thoughts.
But let us be of good cheer.
Let the word go out.
The donkey is mightier than the missile.
And flowers have been known to split a rock.
This week moves inexorably toward Friday.
It is Caesar’s week.
But it is God’s world.
And so we take heart and
rejoice. Amen.

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  1. Though our service left some things lacking this morning (a rant which may later appear on my blog), I think you would have enjoyed the sermon, which was based on Jesus' entry into Jerusalem being more of a protest march than anything else. I was curious what my church would do (not having attended for a whole year yet) for Palm Sunday, especially after reading your Saturday offering here. I was pleasantly surprised by the sermon.