Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Brief Blog Day .....

cos I am off to the Opera again tonight, and will get home way past my bedtime.

It's the last Opera of the season. We are to Così fan tutte by Mozart, which should be very pleasing.

There is little not to like about Mozart's music.

I had lunch today at the "Palm Cafe", almost a "hole in the wall" on 17th Street very near my home.

This place is under the third ownership since a moved here (21 months ago). Wow. The new owner, a Mexican woman has hit the jackpot.

I had a fabulous Chicken fajita - one in which I was sad when I ate the last mouthful - I wanted more! It came with the best coleslaw I have eaten in my life. Fresh, crisp and crunchy, with an unexpected ingredient. Just some very tiny bit of orange - enough to enhance but not overpower the 'slaw. I mentioned this to the owner, and she was proud to say that this was her very own recipe.

I also saw some mouth-watering omelettes and burgers being served to other tables.

Bon appetite!

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