Tuesday, 17 June 2008

My weekend away, Part One

My weekend away, part one.

I spent the weekend of June 13th - 16th in New Jersey and New York. I was there for the Golden Wedding anniversary of my cousin by marriage, Kippy (Catherine) Altini and her husband Marty. They live on Staten Island. More about that in part two.

In my travels I was served very well by what we call “technology”. I made my plane, hotel and car reservations through the internet.

I was able to print a boarding pass before I left home, and thanks to the good facilities at a Renaissance Hotel in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in that hotel before I returned.

All the internet-made reservations worked perfectly, and Continental Airlines surpassed themselves in that my two flights left on time, and both arrived early.

I flew into Newark Airport, which has a nifty automated monorail which links the terminals and the on campus car rental offices. I was using “Budget” car rentals, and picking up the car was a “piece of cake”. (Car rental firms have surely streamlined their procedures!).

The Hotel was well equipped, with a free computer centre, a good sized pool, and fitness room (where I was able to walk a couple of miles each morning on a treadmill). The Hotel also had a dedicated computer from which guests could print boarding passes.

Ah “technology”!

How did we live without mobile ‘phones? (We actually did very well).

The car was equipped with an “Easy Pass” transponder, so very useful on the toll roads, and on the toll bridge between New Jersey and New York ($8 per pop).

And my portable Garmin “Street Pilot” directed me to five different addresses without a missed turn.

Only once did technology fail. The Continental self check in computer system was down, so the lines for check-ins were long, very long.

So I decided to carry on my bag. All very well, ‘cept I forgot that it contained a knife which I’d bought to cut up some fruit for breakfast. My face was a bit red when the TSA screeners saw it on the scanner.

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