Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The minor inconvenies of life

I took my car to the Dealer this morning, (July 22nd) for a 30,000 mile service. I’d thought that I was covered by my service plan, but discovered that the plan covers oil changes etc only.

My sticker shock was when the service manager told me that this particular service would cost me nigh on $600. Ouch.

He called me later in the day to say that the car needed two new hoses, which would not be available until tomorrow (July 23rd). So I have been land-locked for the day.

True I could have taken a one mile walk to the ‘bus stop, but that’s not great when it is 90 F outside.

Good old Ben drove me to the market so that I could buy some veggies which I needed for dinner. He is of the “step on the brakes hard, and step on the accelerator hard” school of driving, so riding with him is always a bit of an adventure.

But that was not the greatest of my adventures.

My air conditioning unit has gone caput. The service techy from “Unique Air” arrived at 5:20 p.m. He thinks that there is a leak in the Freon system. It cannot be repaired until the morning.

So I am sweating a gallon a minute, and trying to stay cooler with some fans. It’s marginally cooler outside than in, so I have all the doors and windows open.

Oh for the hills of Vermont!

It all reminds me of two of the disadvantages of living in SRQ. We need air conditioning almost year round; and our ‘bus service is not great.

But then again, it does not snow here in winter!

This too shall pass!

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