Friday, 15 August 2008


Some folks say that cats have a mind of their own. I disagree. Cats have at least three minds of their own!

Ada, the older cat is becoming much more affectionate. She will actively seek out my company.

The other day she sat on my desk chair, on top of the back of the chair, whilst I worked on my computer. She was happily perched on no more than four inches wide by two feet long.

And she will “bat” me with her paw when she needs attention.

When I take her to the Lanai, she is fine as long as I hold her and caress her. But as soon as I let her free she retreats to my bedroom and hides under my bed until I entice her out with a cat snack.

Adelaide is “Miss Independent”. She wanders all over my home, always seeking something new.

I had friends in for lunch today and I mentioned that neither of the cats ever jump up on laps.

Whereupon Adelaide jumped up on to the laps of first Kay, and then Ben.

Adelaide loves to be on my screened-in Lanai. There she sits on a chair and surveys the world outside: fascinated with lizards, ducks, squirrels, bees and flies.

If I try to pick her up she runs away. But once I have “caught” her, she loves to be caressed.
Each cat adores me because I am the source of their food.

And I am besotted with them because they are cats!

No blog tomorrow as I'll be in Fort Myers again.

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