Sunday, 14 September 2008

Delayed blog for Saturday 13th September 2008

I usually write my blog at night. But I get so tired in the evening. So in future I will “blog” in the early morning.

The following is what I intended to write last evening. I’ll write again in the a.m.

BLOG for Saturday 13th September 2008.

Just because a person has a title, or an honorific, before or after his or her name it does not mean that that person is wise, or has something worth saying.

In Britain we have “Lord”, or “Sir”, or “Prince” or “Queen” in front of names.

In America we have “President”, or “Senator” or “Representative” in front of names.

In both lands we have titles or honourifics such as “Bishop”, “the Revd”, or “The Honourable” before names.

In England we might encounter “M.P”, or “O.B.E”, or “C.B.E.” etc., after names.

(O.B.E. stands for “Order of the British Empire”. It is often awarded to long serving, and senior Civil Servants. My Dad used to say that it stood for “Other Buggers’ Efforts”)

The Press, T.V. and Radio pundits often give great weight to folks with these titles and honourifics.

“Everyman” is tempted to believe that anyone with a title has an opinion worth listening to.

It ain’t necessarily so.

I have met stupid Bishops. I have heard stupid Senators and Members of Parliament.

I have also been blessed by the wisdom of those who have not completed any formal education, nor sought or been elected to any public office.

And I trust that wisdom much more than I trust the opinions of most Bishops, Clerics, Senators or Members of Parliament.

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  1. ya every man had a wisdom, here in india also known they as M.P and M.L.A.