Monday, 29 September 2008

In the face of recession

At the local Publix Market this afternoon I bumped into Randy, a Mennonite Minister who sometimes volunteers at Resurrection House.

He is a gentle and sweet man who lives up to the very best of Mennonite traditions.

We chatted about his congregation and he related that last Sunday they had an informal conversation regarding their common fears on the cusp of a Presidential election, and with the American economy in the tank.

(Unemployment is all around, and all too many houses have been abandoned, or are in foreclosure – you know the story wherever you live).

We agreed that our response as Christians is that we will share. However hard the times become (and they will become harder) – we will share.

We will share food, and money, and bedrooms before our sisters and brothers become homeless or destitute.
We will share our fears.
We will share our hope in Christ Jesus.
We will share our laughter.

And we will remember, that to a greater or lesser extent, we have all benefited from the mock prosperity of recent years.

I have a few personal choices.

• I will cancel all my credit cards, save one for “emergencies”.

• I will cut off the bits of fruits and vegetables which have gone bad, and eat the rest, rather than throwing the whole item away.

• I will make lists afore I shop, and stick to them, lest I should be tempted to make impulse purchases.

• I will resist the temptation to drive to the supermarket for that “one thing” which I forgot, and which can wait until another time.

• I will use cold water for my laundry, knowing that most of my clothing, sheets, towels etc do not need hot water.

• I will (as I already do) shop and thrift and second hand stores. I do not need everything I own or wear to be brand new.

• I will NEVER give up on hope for a better, simpler world.

Please let me know your plans to deal with the upcoming recession. I’ll value your advice.


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  1. I have been doing all these things for years. Well I use my credit card because it easier than carrying too much cash but have Always paid it off before the time limit so never paid interest. However I have put my money into my superannuation to provide me with a comfortable retirement. Now it is disappearing before my eyes. The only things I can cut back on now are my broadband service and my food bill. I do buy lots of pre-prepared foods as my cooking abilities are zilch.