Saturday, 24 January 2009

That was the week that was

Last Monday I attended a $100 a plate benefit for people with AIDS. I was a guest of new friends Terrell and Carol H-rt.

Terrell is, in his own words, a reformed redneck. His son died from AIDS complications. Terrell is now a powerful advocate for those who have AIDS,

Carol and I have one thing in common. She also has sky-dived. But she did so “in the nude”.

But C and T are not spring chickens. Both are older than I! And they are wilder than I.

The food at the benefit was terrific. The entertainment was grim. We were serenaded by six drag queens. They were older men who looked, not like gorgeous women, but like men in women’s clothing. They lip synched quite dreadfully.

But the cause was good, and my table company companions were entirely pleasant.

On Wednesday I was with 9 friends at the “Irish Rover”, a local Irish pub. My friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson drew us all together.

The food was “traditional Irish/English”, with fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and bangers & mash. I opted for bangers and mash.

The music was great - we all sang along with Irish, English and American “traditional songs”

What a fun week! Church will seem dull tomorrow!

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