65th birthday - England (1)

I've just enjoyed two weeks in the U.K., arriving there on May 15th and leaving on May 30th.

Fortunately for me, British Airways has a direct flight from Tampa, Fl (about an hour’s drive from my home) to London, Gatwick airport.

My U.K. home was with my brother Martyn, his wife Wendy, and their children Laura and Sam.

So I was in Bristol (our home city) for most of the time, but was also able to take two days in Dorset, and three in London. I’ll tell you more about these trips in the coming days.

This trip was planned so that I could celebrate my 65th birthday with family and friends. This we did in style on May 23rd.

I hosted a catered meal with wonderful food – including goat curry, vegetarian lasagna and quiche. The chefs - James and Michael- did themselves proud.

Six of my eight siblings were there, with their spouses and children. I was happy to reunite with 12 of my 19 nieces and nephews, and a fair sprinkling of my great nieces/nephews.

Sadly my twin sister Elizabeth and my brother David were unable to be present.

My only remaining (and favourite) Aunt (Irene) was there together with two of her children, my cousins Janet and Christopher.

What began as a celebration of my birthday morphed into a family reunion – the first since our mother’s funeral, eight years ago.

The older I get, the more I value these family occasions.

And it was a joy to celebrate with friends of our family who also attended – making 62 guests in all.

More later!


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