Friday, 26 June 2009

I write as a member of the “post Michael Jackson” generation. I never quite “got him”, though it was clear that he was a splendid entertainer.

I think that he was also a tragic figure. He seemed to live like a 13 year old boy who had “come into money”

Perhaps he believed his own propaganda. Perhaps he was manipulated by his handlers.

Nonetheless this old fart was shocked to read that “Google” and other sites were overwhelmed with hits when Jackson died. God help the people of Darfur!

May the God of mercy and justice be with Michael Jackson, and with the 1 billion humans who are underfed.

May human beings of mercy and justice do something about the 1 billion humans who are underfed.


My cat Adelaide and I have frequent conversations. They arise because she wants to go outside, yet one more time.

Adelaide says “Meow”. I say “No”. And so it goes, for many minutes.

I completely understand the conversation. Adelaide understands not a word.

But I am the one who can open or shut the door.


On the other hand, my dog Penne understands very well. She will lay down, wait, or stay when I tell her so. She will get besides herself with excitement when I jiggle her leash – signifying a walk.

She knows that when I put on my walking shorts and shoes a walk is in the offing.

But if I am getting ready for (say) a shopping expedition, and say “not now” - why -she will lay down and rest without a whimper.

She often looks up to me with what seems to be such great affection, and she presses her body into my legs when she is afraid.

(It is a truly deep bonding).


Please read this first class article about “when Pastors are criticised/praised”.

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  1. I suspect Adelaide understands. Cats just have a terrible habit of disagreeing, and arguing their position. :)