Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Risque? What I did not learn in Seminary

1. I was asked by an 80 something woman parishioner to explain female circumcision. Her 50 something daughter would not tell her.

2. I was asked by a mother of four to explain something of which she had heard them chat. "What", she asked me, "is a B.J.?

3. No one in Seminary told me what to do or say when, as I did today, I "caught" a couple having sex in a Chapel (at Res. House).

Never, ever think that Priests/Ministers live in a cloistered world.

(I rose to all three challenges).


  1. To the pure all things are pure!

  2. Did you intend the potential double entendre (sp?) in your final comment?
    I do continue read your blog daily, and continue delighted at the variety of topics and skillful descriptions you post. My condolences to you on all the grieving you have gone through in your short time in Florida.