Saturday, 1 August 2009

N.T. Wright

N.T Wright of Durham

Bishop Tom Wright of Durham, UK wrote the following

My skeptical mind says thinks that Bishop Wright is saying:

1) The Archbishop is very obscure.

2) I, + Tom Wright, brilliant Bishop of Durham can explain it all.

3) You – un-brilliant lesser clerics and lay people, better believe what I say. Cos I am smart. And you are not smart.

This former Parish Priest ( RetiredPove) has a simple question for Bishop Wright of Durham:

“Did you consult with/ask permission of your supervisors ( ++John of York or ++ Rowan of Canterbury) before you went to press?

As a curate I would not have gone to press without my rector’s permission.

As a rector, I would trust my curates to consult with me before going to press.

So +, Tom of Durham. Did you check with your Primate (++ John of York) before you commented on ++ Rowan’s missive?

Or are you (dare I say it) a "Lone Ranger" in the American tradition?

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